Why does Wine get better with age and decanting?

Why does Wine get better with age and decanting?

Have you ever wondered why wine gets better with age? Well, most foods are best when fresh, but wine is a special exception. It needs time to taste its best, and that process is called aging.


When it comes to aging, there are two important things to know:

  1. Fruit acids in wine can make it taste too sour. Aging helps these acids react with alcohol, which reduces the sourness. But this is more important for very tart wines from cold climates.
  2. The main part of aging is a process called oxidation. A little bit of oxygen enters the wine through the cork over time. This oxygen reacts with the compounds in the wine, making it smoother, enhancing the flavours, and even reducing sulfites (which can cause headaches). This creates a more complex and well-rounded wine.

Now, let's talk about decanting. When you open a bottle of wine, it's been sealed up for a while, so it needs to "breathe" to reach its best taste. Breathing really means evaporation. Breathing allows some of the unwanted smells, like ethanol and other aromas like matchstick, vegetable, sulphur, and smoke, to evaporate.

Here's where Winewizard comes in. It helps improve wine in a similar way to aging and decanting, but much faster. Winewizard® is an pressurised canister with a micro-diffuser stone that exposes the wine to millions of tiny bubbles with low oxygen levels. The oxygen immediately reacts with the wine, making it smoother, enhancing flavours, and reducing sulfites. At the same time, Winewizard® quickly evaporates the unwanted smells just as a decanter does but in seconds.

The best part? Winewizard® works on red, white, and rosé wines and can be used with a glass, bottle, or decanter. It delivers the perfect amount of oxygen, just like a cork, and helps get rid of unwanted aromas, just like decanting. But the difference is Winewizard® does it all in a matter of seconds.

So, with Winewizard, you can enjoy the same improvements that aging and decanting provide, but instantly.

Cheers to better-tasting wine in no time!

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