Robert Parker, Wine Critic

Who is Robert Parker (Parkers Wine Guide)?

Robert Parker is one of the most influential wine critics in the world. He is best known for his publication, The Wine Advocate, which rates and reviews wines from around the globe. Parker's 100-point rating system has become a standard in the wine industry, and his reviews are widely respected by both consumers and wine professionals.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1947, Parker began his career as a lawyer before turning his passion for wine into a full-time profession. In 1978, he launched The Wine Advocate, which quickly gained a reputation for its thorough, unbiased reviews. Parker's palate was known for its precision and consistency, and he was known for being particularly fond of Bordeaux and California wines.

Parker's 100-point rating system is based on a wine's overall quality, with 100 being the highest possible score. Wines that score 90 or above are considered "outstanding," while those that score 80-89 are considered "good to very good." Parker's ratings have been known to have a significant impact on a wine's price and availability, with highly rated wines often selling out quickly.

In addition to his work with The Wine Advocate, Parker has also written several books on wine, including "The World's Greatest Wine Estates," "Bordeaux: A Consumer's Guide to the World's Finest Wines," and "Wine Buyer's Guide."

Despite his influence and success, Parker has also been the subject of some controversy. Some critics have accused him of being too influential and of having a palate that is too American-centric. Others have raised concerns about conflicts of interest, as Parker has been known to invest in the wines and wineries he reviews.

Despite these criticisms, Robert Parker's legacy in the wine world is undeniable. His palate, his rating system, and his publication continue to shape the way people think about and enjoy wine.
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