Wine Blogs for wine lovers. Top 10 Wine Blogs we love.

Top 10 Wine Blogs for Wine Lovers

Wine enthusiasts, rejoice! The love for wine is overflowing across the internet, and passionate wine bloggers are offering their conversational, heartfelt, and unfiltered viewpoints to connect with their audience. Whether you're looking to stay updated with wine news, reviews, latest finds, or are keen on knowing more about soils, grape varieties, and food and wine pairing, you can find everything under one roof. Here, we have curated a list of the top 10 wine blogs for wine lovers that are sure to quench your thirst for knowledge and appreciation of the beloved drink.

  1. Fernando Beteta ( - Being a sommelier is more of a lifestyle than a job, believes Master Sommelier Fernando Beteta. His blog is created for wine enthusiasts where he shares his deep-rooted passion for wine. Beteta has studied Hotel Management and apprenticed in high-end hotels throughout Europe and in Thailand. He later prepared for the Master Sommelier exam and passed six years later. The website includes sections like Sommeliers studies, wine maps, an array of articles about blind tasting, soil types for wine, which can be handy for exams.

  2. Vine Pair ( - Trying to understand wine should not be nerve-racking, now should it? VinePair delivers accessible, entertaining, and inspiring content about drinks and experiences one should have with a glass of wine. Their blog includes articles like “How to find High-Quality, Low Alcohol Wine?”, “Best Wines 2018”, “What’s your 2019 drinking resolution?” etc. They post over 30 blogs per week for their followers on Twitter and Facebook.

  3. The Wine Wankers ( - Are you in for a treat? Because these guys bring a lot of humor to the table, Conard and Drew are Australian wine bloggers who think of themselves as the “anti-wine wanker brigade, aiming to make wine more accessible.” They say they aren’t into “churning out mind-numbing descriptions of wine” well that’s a relief. Their articles include “Can Sommeliers make better wine, than winemaker?” “The Business behind Economy Class Wine” are some of a few blogs. Huge fan following across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, WW are one of the highest rated wine blogs.

  4. Tim Gaiser ( - He is an internationally famed wine expert and lecturer. One of the esteemed individuals to attain the elite Master Sommelier win title, and is the former director of Education and Education chair for the Court of Master Sommeliers. With his vast 25-plus year career, Tim has taught thousands of students from newbies to pros. He displays his thoughts in a tasteful manner, using quality writing and high-quality pictures.

  5. Wine Folly ( - Justin, Madeline, and Chad’s mission is to allow people to explore the many angles wine industry has. If you are short on time and want to get a quick overview on grapes, tasting, wine region follow their video episodes. This is a great site to learn more about the style of wine, varietals, regions etc.

  6. Vinography ( - Began as a personal project, now a respected source for non-mainstream wine writing Alder Yarrow’s website consists of wine news, wine reviews, wine event coverage, editorial content about the wine industry, etc. It is one of the most influential wine blogs on the internet.

  7. Cult Wines ( - A wine merchant and wine investment company, Cult Wines also has a fantastic blog, featuring wine reviews, industry news, and in-depth guides to specific regions and grape varieties. They also offer a wealth of information for those interested in wine investment, making it a great resource for both wine enthusiasts and collectors.

  8. The Wine Cellar Insider ( - This blog is run by Jeff Leve, a wine expert with over 30 years of experience in the wine industry. He offers detailed reviews and ratings of wines from all over the world, as well as information on wine regions, grape varieties, and wine-making techniques.

  9. The Wine Detective ( - Run by wine expert and journalist Tom Cannavan, this blog offers a wide range of information on wine, including reviews, news, and in-depth guides to specific regions and grape varieties. Tom also offers a wine club, where members can try wines from all over the world on a regular basis.

  10. The Wine Advocate ( - One of the most respected and influential wine critics in the world, Robert Parker's wine blog offers in-depth reviews and ratings of wines from all over the world. They also have a wealth of information on wine regions, grape varieties, and wine-making techniques, making it an invaluable resource for wine lovers of all levels of experience.

In conclusion, these are the top 10 wine blogs for wine lovers that provide a broad coverage of wine through the latest trends, industry news, fresh creations and more. Whether you're a wine enthusiast, collector, or just looking to expand your knowledge, these blogs are sure to have something for you. So, go ahead and explore the world of wine with these fantastic resources at your fingertips!  Keep an eye out for Wiewizard being reviewed by these great Wye blog sites.

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