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 Press Release. Thursday 7th December 2023


AN INVENTOR has created a gadget which makes a cheap £5 (POUNDS) bottle of wine taste like it's worth at least twice as much - AND claims it can also help to reduce your hangover!

The creator of Winewizard, Michael Pritchard MBE, says the device can ease that morning after feeling - by removing sulphite impurities, which are otherwise usually consumed and can cause nasty next day headaches. 

 But according to the makers of the £49.95 gadget, it’s doesn’t just help with headaches – its most astonishing achievement is how it can improve the taste of any wine almost instantly. Winewizard outperforms any previous wine-enhancement device ever created - significantly improving the quality of wine in just two seconds – by using new technology which for the first time successfully replicates BOTH the ageing AND decanting processes.

While aeration devices have been around before, they have all simply attempted to mimic the effects of decanting - often with mixed results. But Winewizard achieves this process to a higher standard than any product has previously reached.

And, more remarkably, it has a second capability that has never been achieved before.

It is the first ever device to successfully replicate and accelerate the effect of traditionally bottle-ageing a wine – something which usually takes place over years or even decades in a cellar – meaning the wine can reach its optimal potential in just seconds. 

This in turn enhances the complexity of the wine, accentuating qualities like fruit, nuanced flavour notes and minerality – as well as improving the nose - while also softening the harsher tannin and acids that can make wine taste cheap.

And its inventor also claims it can even reduce hangovers - this is because sulphites, which are widely used to preserve wines are neutralised by Winewizard - and this too improves flavour while also reducing the likelihood of sulphite induced hangovers, according to its inventor, Michael Pritchard MBE.

Michael, 56, has road-tested the device over many months, trying it out on the palates of experts including Masters of Wine, the highest qualification there is for viniculture expertise, and sommeliers from some of the world’s top Michelin-starred restaurants including Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Group.

The scientist and award-winning inventor, spent more than two-years in the lab perfecting the optimal way to improve red, white and rosé wines. 

 He said: "We've pioneered ground-breaking technology and techniques that have never been achieved before. We can now accurately replicate, in a matter of seconds, the effects of both hours-long decanting and the years it takes for cellar ageing – and the outcomes are nothing short of astounding."

“If you get a panel to blind taste the same wine before and after it’s been zhuzhed up by Winewizard, they invariably think they are two totally different vintages - with the ‘before’ sample being young and cheap and the ‘after’ typically guessed at being an older vintage costing two to three times more. 

"It enables anyone who doesn’t have access to intimidatingly expensive cellars to experience fine wine in just seconds – and without breaking the bank.

“I’ve tested it on some of the most highly trained and sensitive palates in the world and had universally positive feedback.”

Michael explains the science behind the new invention: “The smart nano-oxygenation (NOX™) we have developed increases the surface area of the wine by an astonishing 10,000 times, infusing perfect micro-quantities of oxygen into it, which immediately react with the wine, replicating the natural ageing process - this enhances the taste, aroma and perceived quality of the wine significantly - while also nullifying nasty sulphite additives that can cause the headache characteristics of a hangover.”

Dmitri Perlutchi, Head Sommelier at Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Group, an award-winning sommelier, agrees that Michael’s invention does what no other has ever managed before: “I’ve tested these types of products before so I was sceptical that it could make this much difference, but it’s unmistakable,” 

Dmitri added. “When you taste the same wine before and after it’s been transformed by this invention it is quite simply extraordinary how much better - and more expressive - it then tastes. The wine becomes more raffinate after a quick zhuzh with the Winewizard. 

"It’s cleaner and more precise.  The pallet is more delicate, more rounded and you feel the age evolution on the palate. The neutralising of the sulphites is particularly noticeable on the nose. I find it especially effective on those younger, more aggressive tannic wines. It really does accelerate wine ageing.” 

Another award-winning sommelier, Steve Heminway owner of Colne Valley Wines echoes the endorsement: “This invention has the capacity to massively improve the wine drinking experience of millions of ordinary people who don’t have the time, money or cellar space to store wines for years to get the best out of them. 

“Now wines can be aged as if by years in just seconds and the resulting flavour shifts are miraculous - it truly is an act of wizardry. This technology democratises fine wine appreciation, making great tasting wines easily accessible to all enthusiasts - at a fraction of the cost.”

Winewizard, which is fully recyclable, can treat as many as 80 bottles or around 500 glasses of wine before requiring a refill cartridge, meaning each wine treated only costs 10 pence per glass to use.

* Winewizard is available from for £49.95. A personalised naming and message service is also available as a perfect gift this Christmas. Bundle packages and refill packs also available,



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