Essex Inventor Ages Wine in Seconds with Revolutionary Gadget

Essex Inventor Ages Wine in Seconds with Revolutionary Gadget

COLCHESTER, Essex – May 15th, 2023 – Michael Pritchard MBE, a well-known inventor from Essex, has created the world's first smart micro-oxygenation wine aerator, the Winewizard. This innovative gadget ages wine to perfection in seconds instead of years, revolutionising the wine industry.

Pritchard spent two years developing the technology, testing it on hundreds of bottles of wine before filing his patents in November 2022. The 56-year-old inventor, known for his creation of the famous water filter, "The Lifesaver bottle," and his appearance on the popular television show Dragons Den, developed the Winewizard to overcome the challenges of aging wine by laying it down for many years before becoming drinkable. The device also addresses sulfite-induced wine headaches[i], a common problem that many wine enthusiasts face.

After months of research, Pritchard discovered that existing wine aerators on the market just didn't work. He found that these aerators only put a small amount of oxygen into the wine, which did not have enough time to react and improve the wine. "They just seemed to be playing at improving the wine, without actually doing it," said Michael Pritchard. “The truth is, the science behind these aerators is flawed and it's time for a revolution.”

The Winewizard's unique 3-in-1 patented technology uses pure air, which is rebalanced using a secret process, changing the percentage of oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases. With a gentle squeeze of the trigger, the Winewizard diffuses millions of micro-bubbles into the wine, increasing its surface area 10,000 times.

This combination of rebalanced air and massive surface area allows the oxygen to react immediately with the tannins, flavonoids, and other compounds in the wine, boosting the wines flavours, softening the tannins and enhancing the mouthfeel, ageing and elevating it to ‘the wine it was born to be.’

Winewizard is also effective in reducing sulfite-induced wine headaches by neutralising sulfites and lowering their concentration, making it an ideal solution for wine enthusiasts who suffer from this issue.

Renowned wine merchants Mr. Wheelers Wines; founded in 1883 are one of the first wine merchants in the country to stock Winewizard.

“When we first heard about Winewizard we were pleasantly surprised,” said Mark Cronshaw, Operations Director for Mr Wheeler.  “Our buying panel tested it on a 2018 Bordeaux. We could not believe the improvement it made, softening the grippy tannins, boosting the flavour and completely opening up the nose.  It was as if it had aged the wine 5 years. We are delighted be one of the first stockists in the UK.”

Winewizard launches to the world at 'The London Wine Fair' in Olympia, London, on the 15th-17th May 2023. The Winewizard works with red, white, and rosé wines and can aerate up to 80 bottles of wine. Replacement cartridges are also available, which are 100% recyclable forever.

Winewizard is currently available online at, Amazon and for £49.95 and will soon be available nationally through local UK wine merchants.

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