Frequently Asked Questions about Winewizard.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. My Winewizard feels very light, is it empty?
It is not empty. Gas is very light and while the can does feel very light it is not empty. A quick test to reassure yourself, is to give the can a quick squeeze. If it does not deform then it is definitely fully pressurized. Simply follow the user instructions carefully to experience the Nano micro-oxygenation bubbles work their magic on your wine.

2. The bubbles seem to come out way too fast?
Please follow the user instructions carefully. When you first use Winewizard the trigger can take a little getting used to. Please squeeze the trigger gently. To start with squeeze it very gently, until you get used to how far you have to pull it. It only takes a couple of goes to get it right. If you pull too hard you will just waste gas and could cause your wine to overflow.

3. Can I use Winewizard directly in the bottle?
Yes, but you will first need to remove a small glass of wine. Otherwise, the wine will overflow from the neck of the bottle. Be careful.

4. How do I clean the aeration stone (micro-diffuser)?
When you have finished aerating your wine you should run the diffuser under cold running water for around 20-30 seconds to wash off the wine. Remove the tube from the trigger and wipe clean. Shake micro-infuser and leave to air dry. Store tube and diffuser in the velvet bag. If you forget and the diffuser has dried out don't worry. Simply soak the diffuser for a couple of minutes in warm water. Then run it under the tap for 20-30 seconds.

5. Why does my Winewizard not last as I would have expected?

When a customer has asked this question it is most likely that the instructions have not be followed correctly.

We have tested the canister 100’s of times and when the instructions are followed correctly you will get on average up to 80 bottles of White or up to 40 Bottles of Red.

If you are not achieving this number of bottles then generally the following is happening:

  1. Pulling the Trigger too far back. - Please follow the user instructions carefully.  They are clear that you must pull the trigger gently for the given time and you should let the wine bubble up to approximately 1 cm.  An increase in any of the parameters outside of the recommendations in the instructions and the capacity of Winewizard will be diminished.
  2. Certain wines can take even more ageing. If you are adding more gas or gassing for longer periods due to preference then this will diminish the capacity of the canister.

The Rest:

Why does wine age in the bottle?

The short answer is Oxygen. Oxygen Ages Wine!

Once wine is bottled, it undergoes a series of chemical changes. Tannins become less harsh, aromas develop a richness, flavours become more complex and rounded. All of this cannot take place without a slow – very slow – infusion and then consumption of, oxygen. Oxygen is the key ingredient for all these changes during the wine’s ageing process.

Too much oxygen too quickly will ruin the wine. The wine browns and it’s fruity characteristics and aromas fade rapidly. Bacteria multiplies, consuming the alcohol and transforming it to acetic acid (vinegar).

The aging process becomes out of balance, with more oxygen being dissolved into the wine than can be consumed by it for ageing. All wines have varying Oxygen Consumption Rates (OCR) and so will improve with age to varying degrees.

So, while the wine needs oxygen to age, it needs it in extremely small quantities over very long periods of time. This is the most important thing to understand about oxygen and wine aging.

How is this exposure to oxygen controlled in a wine bottle?

A wine bottle and its cork have 2 functions, preservation and at the same time ageing the wine. The cork’s role is to allow a controlled ingress of oxygen into the bottle.

The cork controls the rate of aging.
Corks are chosen by the wine maker based upon their oxygen transfer rate. They base this selection on the wine’s potential to age, the wine’s oxygen consumption rate and how quickly they want the wine to come into the drinking window. They must also consider how long the wine will be in the supply chain before reaching customers.

Wine needs oxygen to age. Oxygen and wine aging go hand-in-hand, but it’s all about controlling how much O2 over what time.

Winewizard accelerates the ageing process, replicating years of bottle ageing in seconds.

How does Winewizard age wine?

Millions of super vitiated micro-air bubbles (ultra-low oxygen) are diffused into the wine. The oxygen levels in these bubbles are similar to the oxygen levels that passed through the cork. 1 second of bubbles is equivalent to approx. 2-5 years of oxygen ageing in the bottle.

The wine will consume oxygen at it’s given oxygen consumption rate (OCR). If the wine can take ageing of 10 years, it will consume enough oxygen to take it there.

Any additional oxygen that is not consumed by the wine is immediately removed in a process known as sparging. Nitrogen in the vitiated bubbles acts like ‘velcro’, grabbing onto any un-consumed oxygen and removing it.

How does Winewizard replicate decanting?

What does decanting achieve?
Ethanol aromas and other unwanted VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) like sulphides and mercaptans; that can mask the bouquet, and interfere with the flavour, are able to evaporate more rapidly than by the removal of the cork alone, due to the large surface area created by the decanter.

The super large surface area created by Winewizard’s bubbles, allows for these unwanted VOC’s to evaporate more rapidly, reducing the decanting time from hours to seconds.

What gases do Winewizard use?

Our unique 3-in-1 technology starts with pure air, which we then rebalance, changing the percentage of oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases.  This patented mixture ensures the optimum amount of oxygen infuses into the wine.  This perfect mixture is designed to bring out the best in the wine without oxidising the wine.

How does Winewizard work?

The cutting-edge technology of smart nano-oxygenation (NOX™) developed by Vinalchemy, enhances the taste, aroma, mouthfeel, and perceived age and value of wine. The revolutionary process of Winewizard's 3-in-1 technology increases the surface area of wine by an astonishing 10,000 times, infusing the perfect amount of oxygen into it, replicating the natural aging process in seconds. See more here: https://vimeo.com/820960819

The patented combination of rebalanced air and increased surface area improves flavours, softens tannins, and enhances the mouthfeel of the wine while also neutralizing sulfites (i.e., reducing sulfite-induced headaches). Visit our website for comprehensive information on the product’s remarkable capabilities: www.vinalchemy.com.

How many bottles of wine will Winewizard work with?

Winewizard will work on up to 80 bottles of wine or around 500 glasses (175ml) on a single refill. Wine type and usage variation will alter these estimates. Please ensure that you pull the trigger gently to avoid excessive gas usage. Excessive aeration time will rapidly reduce the number of bottle/glasses Winewizard will work with. This is not covered by our warranty. Also see above: Why does my Winewizard not last as I would have expected?

How do I know how long to aerate my wine for.

One of the many fantastic things about wine is that everyone has a preference, and they are all different. The guide below will help you use Winewizard.

Over time you might choose to adjust timings according to your personal tastes. You will also need to adjust for glass size.  We recommend using your Winewizard with a decanter as this holds the 750ml of wine and it is easier to decide the time required for aeration.

Can I take my Winewizard on board my flight?

Please be aware that if you are flying, Winewizard is approved for taking with you in your luggage, however, it must go in with your hold luggage unless your airport has complied with the UK government regulations and removed the 100ml rule.

Aeration Usage Guide

Please use the information provided as a reference, as individual preferences may vary. Adjust the suggested timings to suit the size of your glass and your desired taste. Keep in mind that these timings are simply guidelines, and you may wish to modify them based on your personal preferences.  Please also see capacity chart below.

Glass (175ml)

Decanter (750ml)

Red Wine

1-2 seconds

4-6 seconds

White Wine

1 second

 3-4 seconds

Rosé Wine

1 second

3-4 seconds


What is the Aeration Capacity of Winewizard

Below are the capacity guidelines for using your Winewizard. Please follow the instructions carefully to achieve the stated capacity of up to 80 bottles or 500 glasses.  As you can see from the chart below, increases in the suggested seconds and/or bubble height will dramatically reduce the capacity of your Winewizard.  You must pull the trigger gently as per the instructions.

The canister has a finite charge of gas.  If the guidelines above are followed correctly you will achieve the stated capacity for you Winewizard.

Dependent upon the wine, you might with to aerate it for longer to achieve better results. The table below gives a good indication of what is achievable.

Glass (175ml)
 Bubble Height 
Time (Sec's) 1cm 1.5cm 2cm
1 500 280 100
2 250 140 50
3 167 93 33
4 125 70 25
5 100 56 20
6 83 47 17


Decanter / Bottle* (750ml)
 Bubble Height 
Time (Sec's) 1cm 1.5cm 2cm
1 320 180 60
2 160 90 30
3 107 60 20
4 80 45 15
5 64 36 12
6 53 30 10

* Bottle is calculated as if decanted. Results will vary in bottle dependent upon quantity of wine removed from the bottle, shape of bottle and other factors.

 What are the advantages of using a Winewizard in Restaurants?

Restaurants face increasing pressure to provide value to their customers when it comes to wine choices, all while maintaining healthy profit margins. Procuring older wines at competitive prices has become a challenge, leading many restaurants to rely on younger, less mature wines for their wine lists. This presents significant challenges.

Winewizard offers unique and substantial advantages when it comes to serving these younger wines. By aging and decanting in seconds, our technology softens the tannins, balances the acidity, reveals the tertiary notes and brings out the nuanced flavours, delivering a more complex, well-rounded, and mature wine, just as the winemaker intended.

Winewizard elevates the wine to its true potential without the need for waiting. If a restaurant currently uses a Coravin or a similar system for wines by the glass, these wines are being served 'closed'. Customers will notice the remarkable difference Winewizard can make to these wines. And it's not limited to red wine either; Winewizard works equally well with white and rosé wines.

Can I use Winewizard directly in the bottle?

Yes, but you will first need to remove a small glass of wine. Otherwise, the wine will overflow from the neck of the bottle

Where is Winewizard made?

Winewizard is proudly invented, designed & manufactured in Colchester, UK.

What is the shelf-life of Winewizard?

The shelf-life of the Winewizard is 3 years from manufacture.  This is separate from the aeration stone which has a life-time warranty.  All refills also have a shelf-life of 3 years.  The use by date will be printed on the base of the canister.

What is the aeration stone made from?

The aeration stone is made from sintered silicon carbide (SiC), also known as carborundum, is a hard chemical compound containing silicon and carbon. It occurs in nature as the extremely rare mineral moissanite.

How Many Aeration Stones do I get in box?

You will receive 2x aeration stones in the box. one is a short tube for glasses and the other is a long tube for bottles and decanters.  See guidance on using with a bottle.

What is Winewizard?

Winewizard™ is a smart, micro-oxygen technology proven to enhance wine’s taste, aroma and mouthfeel, and increase it’s perceived age and value.

How do I clean the  aeration stone (micro-diffuser)?

When you have finished aerating your wine you should run the diffuser under cold running water for around 20-30 seconds to wash off the wine.

Remove the tube from the trigger and wipe clean. Shake micro-infuser and leave to air dry. Store tube and diffuser in velvet bag.

If you forget and the diffuser has dried out don't worry.  Simply soak the diffuser for a couple of minutes in warm water.  Then run it under the tap for 20-30 seconds.

Can I reuse Winewizard?

Yes.  Winewizard is designed to be reused.  When you can has expired you can remove it (remember to recycle) and replace it with a refill.

Is WInewizard recyclable?

Winewizard's refills are 100% Aluminium, 100% Recyclable, Forever!  The Trigger comes with a 5 year warranty.  If it fails we will replace it free of charge.  The can be recycled in the plastics recycling.

Where can I buy refills?

Refills are available from your local wine merchant of from this website. (After Pre-launch)

How do I use Winewizard?

Quick user guide:

  1. Insert tube into trigger.
  2. Unlock safety catch under trigger - turn 90o.
  3. Place micro-diffuser to base of glass / decanter.
  4. Using time guidelines above:
    Gently squeeze trigger to generate millions of micro-bubbles.
    Allow wine to foam up approx 1cm.
  5. Remove micro-infuser and let bubbles subside.

Your wine is now “the wine it was born to be”. Enjoy.

When should I decant my wine?

For older wines and those more likely to have sediment we recommend decanting before using Winewizard.

How does Winewizard remove unpleasant compounds:?

Winewizard infuses millions of micro-bubbles into your wine. This massive increase in surface area allows the naturally occurring, unpleasant volatile ethanol and sulphur to escape rapidly. These compounds mask the true aromas and taste of the wine.

How does Winewizard boost flavours and softens tannins?

With the massive increase in surface area, precise quantities of oxygen can get to work across the whole of the wine. They react with tannins, flavonoids and other compounds, reducing astringency (harshness) and boosting the flavours and aromas. This delivers a silkier smoother wine revealing all of the flavours the wine was born with.

How does Winewizard reduce sulphites and headaches?

Sulfites are added to wines to act as a preservative and scavenge oxygen.  Many people are sensitive to sulfites which are known to cause headaches. Micro-oxygen technology targets them, neutralising and lowering their concentration, reducing the occurrence of headaches.

What is the proof around headache reduction?

With the surface area of the wine massively increase precise quantities of oxygen reach with the sulfites (O3S-) in the wine, neutralising them to sulfates (O4S-). This neutralisation process happens almost instantly and reduces the quantity of sulfites in the wine.  This reduction directly correlates with the reduction on headaches caused by sulfites.

There has been much research in this area.  Please see the like below to a study published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Sulfite concentration and the occurrence of headache in young adults Study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

Where is the evidence for sulphite sensivity?

Please see the link below to the Asthma and Allergy Centre:

Asthma and Allergy Centre report on Asthma Sensitive.

What is Your Satisfaction Guarantee?

What is your return policy?

Orders placed on or before January 30, 2024: If you purchased a Winewizard system directly from www.vinalchemy.com and are not completely satisfied with your product, you may return it within sixty (60) days of the purchase date. In order to return your Winewizard System, please contact Customer Service on service@vinalchemy.co.uk

Orders placed from January 31st, 2024: If you purchased a Winewizard system directly from www.vinalchemy.com and are not completely satisfied with your product, you may return it within thirty (30) days of the purchase date. In order to return your Winewizard System, please contact Customer Service on service@vinalchemy.co.uk

We will reimburse you (excluding all shipping costs) for the purchase price of the returned Winewizard System no later than thirty (30) days from the date of our receipt of such returned products into our warehouse.

Please note: Winewizard refills (including those that come with you initial purchase of a Winewizard system, are non-returnable and will not be refunded if they have been used.

If you purchased your Winewizard System at one of our authorised retailers, please contact them directly for their return policy information.

Can I return my Winewizard System if I purchased it from a retailer?
No, the satisfaction guarantee is only offered to those who purchase directly from www.vinalchemy.com. Contact your retailer for information on their return policy.

My order arrived damaged or something is missing. What do I do?
If you notice the damage before accepting the package, please refuse delivery and contact Vinalchemy Customer Service on service@vinalchemy.co.uk

If you do not see that damage until you have opened the package, or notice that something is missing, please contact Vinalchemy Customer Service immediately after opening it on service@vinalchemy.co.uk


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