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A better tasting Wine, every time

The Independent Newspaper

"Even the budget wine tasted more flavourful and complex when using the Winewizard." Rachael Phillips, Expert | The Independent Newspaper.

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"It is quite simply extraordinary how much better and more expressive it tastes." Dmitri Perlutchi Head Sommelier, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Group

Why Does Wine Improve Over Time?

Oxygen ages wine

Oxidisation is the main reason wine ages in the bottle.  Low quantities of oxygen (around 1mg per year) pass through the cork. Oxygen slowly reacts with compounds in the wine, softening tannins, boosting flavours, and reducing sulfites, delivering a more expressive, well-rounded, and expensive tasting wine.

Decanting lets it breath.
Ethanol aromas and other unwanted VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) like sulphides and mercaptans that can mask the bouquet, evaporate from the wine over several hours.

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How Does Winewizard Work?

Winewizard replicates this process:

'Low oxygen' bubbles instantly react with compounds in the wine, replicating the effects of bottle ageing.
The bubbles Increase the surface area, speeding the evaporation effects of decanting.
Oxygen molecules bond with the sulfites, neutralising them to harmless sulfates.

Decanting & ageing, instantly!To visualize this process, please take a moment to watch our demonstration video here.

Demonstration Video

Does it Work on my Favourite Wine?

Yes it does!

Whether you've spent £6 or £60 on your wine (red, white or Rosé) you'll see all these amazing improvements using Winewizard.

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    How does wine improve over time in the bottle and in a decanter?

    Have you ever wondered why wine gets better with age? Well, most foods are best when fresh, but wine is a special exception. It needs time to taste its best, and that process is called aging, and once opened decanting.

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    • Aumenta i sapori | Ammorbidisce i tannini

      Precise quantità di ossigeno reagiscono con tannini, flavonoidi e altri composti, riducendo l'astringenza (asprezza) e aumentando i sapori e gli aromi del vino, offrendo un vino più morbido e setoso.

    • Ridurre i solfiti | Ridurre il mal di testa

      I solfiti vengono aggiunti ai vini per agire come conservanti. Molte persone sono sensibili ai solfiti che sono noti per causare mal di testa. La tecnologia del micro-ossigeno di Winewizard li prende di mira, neutralizzando e abbassando la loro concentrazione, riducendo l'insorgenza di mal di testa.

    • Rimuove i composti sgradevoli

      Winewizard infonde milioni di microbolle nel tuo vino, consentendo la fuoriuscita di etanolo volatile e zolfo sgradevoli presenti in natura che mascherano i veri aromi e il gusto.

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    Michael W. Pritchard, MBE | Inventore

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    Vincent Robledo - Sommelier Certificato | Revisione indipendente

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