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The Independent

"We found that even the budget wine tasted more flavourful and complex when using the Winewizard. Plus, as an added bonus, the canister can be recycled when it’s emptied."

© 2023 The Independent Newspaper - Rachael Phillips.

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The Daily Mail

How to make your cheap wine taste vintage - and avoid the headache the next morning! New device promises to remove hangover causing additives in seconds. Full Article.

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The Daily Mail


Pagos del Rey, Ribera del Duero 2021, £11.99 (Mix Six),

Famously tannic and concentrated, red wine from Ribera del Duero is often sold far too young, in my opinion. Post-spritz (Winewizard), the tannins are softer and more spicy and chocolatey notes instantly appear. Definitely better, but I'm not yet convinced about the ageing claims, so I give it another spritz . . . Holy moly! Not only has the wine softened as though it's had two hours in a decanter, it feels mellow as if it's had more time in the bottle, too."

© 2023 The Daily Mail - Helena Nicklin.

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The Metro

Rob Buckhurst - Wine Expert

You may have seen my ‘putting wine in a blender to make it taste better’ hack video. Well, this gadget is the proper way to do it.

© 2023 Metro Newspaper 2023

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The Capturist Review

"Wine aeration devices have been available for some time but have merely looked to mimic the effect of decanting. The Winewizard replicates the decanting process instantly and far more effectively than its predecessors and rather more remarkably, it’s the first-ever device to successfully replicate and accelerate the effect of traditionally bottle-ageing a wine."

© 2023 The Capturist - Jordan Crowley.

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Good Housekeeping

"For the proper wine enthusiasts in your life, you'll want to gift them Winewizard which ages wine that usually take years in seconds. Our food team recently tested this on super affordable bottles and definitely saw immediate results, yielding a more open and fruity flavour, and a smoother mouthfeel."

© 2023 Good Housekeeping

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"Transform your wine experience instantly with Winewizard's revolutionary technology. Put simply, this device replicates years of aging and decanting in just two seconds,"

© 2023 Forbes

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The Malestrom

"Using nifty technology this clever gadget replicates the aging and decanting process of wine in just two seconds. So drinkers get a better-tasting, better-balanced drop, and extra time to drink more of it!"

© 2023 The Malestrom

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The Daily Express

"An Inventor claims to have created a gadget that makes a bottle of plonk taste as if it is seller-aged and helps reduce hangovers."

© 2023 The Daily Express

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