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A smart micro-oxygen technology proven to enhance wine’s taste, aroma and mouthfeel, and increase it’s perceived age and value.

“It’s like aging and decanting wine to perfection, in seconds.”
Steve Heminway. Indi Wine Merchant & Sommelier.

The Revolution of Ageing Wine in Seconds

Our unique 3-in-1 technology begins with pure air, which we meticulously rebalance by adjusting the percentages of oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases. With a gentle squeeze of the trigger, millions of micro-bubbles are diffused into the wine, effectively increasing the surface area by an astonishing 10,000 times. To visualize this process, please take a moment to watch our demonstration video here.

 This patented combination of rebalanced air and increased surface area enables immediate interaction between the oxygen and essential compounds found in the wine, mimicking the natural aging process that occurs over time in the bottle. As a result, our Winewizard aerator elevates the flavours, softens the tannins, and enhances the mouthfeel of the wine, truly unlocking its full potential and allowing it to become the wine it was destined to be.

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    • Boosts Flavours | Softens Tannins

      Precise quantities of oxygen react with tannins, flavonoids and other compounds, reducing astringency (harshness) and boosting the wine’s flavours and aromas, delivering silkier smoother wine.

    • Reduce Sulfites | Reduce Headaches

      Sulfites are added to wines to act as a preservative. Many people are sensitive to sulfites which are known to cause headaches. Winewizard’s micro-oxygen technology targets them, neutralising and lowering their concentration, reducing the occurrence of headaches.

    • Removes Unpleasant Compounds

      Winewizard infuses millions of microbubbles into your wine, allowing naturally occurring, unpleasant volatile ethanol and sulphur to escape which mask the true aromas and taste.

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    Michael W. Pritchard, MBE | Inventor

    Vincent Robledo - Certified Sommelier | Independent Review

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